How to Spot a Broken Oil Furnace

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Do you know how to spot a broken oil furnace? Skotek Oil Sales has some answers in this month’s blog for current homeowners and new home owners. If you’re considering buying a home with a heating oil system, know what you are getting into. You should watch close for a variety of potential problems with your potential unit. No matter what damage the unit has taken on, hire a trained professional for the job. Here’s a closer look at what you should check for in your new furnace courtesy of ACHR NEWS.


The Broken Furnace Doesn’t Operate at All

The most obvious way to spot a broken oil furnace is that doesn’t operate. Once you know whether it has oil, the most obvious other reason is electrical. It could also be the result of problems with the controls, or the thermostat. Circuit breakers can also cause trouble. Make sure you or a licensed technician inspects the furnace for problems with the furnace.


The Burners Doesn’t Fire or the Burner Smokes While Running

When the burners don’t fire, and the burner is smoking while running, those are signs of a malfunctioning furnace. That system might have a clogged nozzle, filter, or oil line, which would stop the system from firing. You should also be looking for cracked materials such as porcelain. That could be a sign that the igniter is not working right. Your burner might be smoking because of soot clogging the chimney or heat exchange. That helps spark the smoking issue.

Watch for Excessive Fuel Usage or a Very Active Burner

Excessive fuel usage is likely due to the tank being too large for the property it’s serving. It can also be because the technician didn’t adjust the furnace the right way. It could also be the result of having the wrong nozzle on the system. Your thermostat or a bad duct system normally cause active burners. It can be the result of blower speed being too high, and doors and windows being open.


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