Oil Delivery Payment Plans for the Greater Hazleton, PA, Area

Skotek Oil Sales Offers Flexible Payment Plans for Oil Delivery

For a variety of oil delivery payment plans for the Greater Hazleton, PA, area, count on Skotek Oil Sales. Winter weather can create a lot of stress for home and business owners during those frigid temperatures. Heating oil bills can add up quickly, which takes a toll on your bottom lines at both home and work.

Whether you need heating oil, diesel fuel, or off-road fuel, we offer affordable payment plans. We can help you to spread out the bill so you do not struggle with the cost. Do not allow finances to get in the way of your comfort. Give us a call at (570) 929-2731 for affordable delivery options or contact us online.

Get Your Delivery at a Fixed Price

A fixed-price contract is a great option for those who want to know exactly how much they will be paying. Let us help you lock in a set price per gallon for the entire heating season. If oil prices go up, your price does not change. Fixed-price contracts provide peace of mind and help you to budget for your heating costs.

Monthly budget plans will allow you to spread the bill throughout the year. Under this plan, you will make a monthly payment based on your estimated oil usage. This helps you to avoid large, unexpected bills during the winter months in Schuylkill County, PA.

We Offer an Automatic Delivery Program

Skotek Oil Sales is proud to offer an automatic delivery program. Save yourself the stress of calling for delivery service. We will come to you even before your scheduled time if you run out sooner than expected. Trust our reliable delivery personnel for on-time service so that you get your fuel delivery. You will receive an information slip with the gallon amount, as well as the time and day of delivery.

Reach Out to Us Today for Your Oil Delivery Needs

We understand that everyone’s budget is different. Our office offers a variety of payment plans designed to fit any budget. We create a solution that will work for your situation. Contact us today to learn more about our payment options and to choose the plan that is right for you.

Skotek Oil Sales offers quality oil delivery payment plans
for the Greater Hazleton, PA, area.