How to Control Your Home Heating Oil Usage

Skotek Oil Sales is Helping You Control Your Home Energy Bills

Do you need help with how to control your heating oil usage in the Greater Hazleton Area? Skotek Oil Sales has some great tips for saving you money in this month’s blog. If you’re familiar with home heating oil, you know how comfortable it can make your home. The price, however, can really do serious damage to your bank account. There are a variety of factors that impact how much oil you use each day. Let’s look what is driving your energy use, and how you can control that from homeserve.com.


There Are Various Reasons Why Your Energy Bills Are on the Rise

There are a few reasons why your oil bills are high. They include cold weather, insulation, an inefficient system, and you’ve set the thermostat too high. These factors play a huge role in terms of how much money you spend on your energy bill. Winters in Luzerne, Schuylkill, and Carbon counties can be extremely frigid. Here are some great ideas for how you can avoid burning a hole in your wallet paying your heating bill. This includes getting an energy audit. Of course, if you need automatic heating oil delivery, call Skotek Oil Sales to set up a budget plan.


Make Sure You Have the Proper Amount of Insulation in Your Home

Insulation is an important tool for helping control the temperature on your property. This allows for greater energy efficiency, which helps save you money. Adding insulation can be expensive, but there are more affordable solutions, including:


  • Put up shades or heavy drapes on your windows
  • Close and lock your windows
  • Caulk around your light switches and electrical outlets
  • Replace single pane windows with energy efficient ones
  • Seal and insulate the ducts on your property


Keep Up to Date on the Required HVAC Maintenance Needs

Getting your HVAC system checkup can help ensure it’s running at peak levels every day. That allows you to keep your oil usage low, and includes getting an inspection. That helps give you peace of mind know your whole system is running the way it should be.


Turn Down the Heat, and Get a Smart Thermostat for Better Control

Just turning the thermostat down in your home down can go a long way in controlling your energy bill. That includes if you lower the temperature during times you’re not at home. Smart Thermostats allow you the power to control your temperature even when you’re away.


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