Diesel Fuel Sales
in Greater Hazleton Area

Skotek Oil Sales Keeps Your Diesel Vehicles Running Smoothly

When you are looking for on-road diesel fuel to purchase and be delivered, the clear choice of customers in Hazleton, PA, and the eastern region of Pennsylvania, including Luzerne, Schuylkill, and Carbon counties, is Skotek Oil Sales. Our clear on-road diesel and dyed off-road diesel will keep your pickup truck, work truck, buses, or SUV running smoothly.

We keep up to date with the latest federal government laws about diesel fuel, so you can trust us to be aware of that information. We also sell off‑road diesel fuel. Give us a call at (570) 929‑2731 for delivery of the diesel fuel you need.

Customers Will be Happy with Their Choice

Skotek Oil Sales is proud of the quality of our two grades of diesel fuel, and our customers will be happy with their choice. We supply premium diesel fuel that not only improves the performance of your engine, it also increases its life when combined with regular routine maintenance. On-road diesel vehicles run on Diesel 2 because it provides better fuel economy, while Diesel 1 is used in off-road vehicles and machines. If you are considering making the switch to Skotek Oil Sales, you will notice a big difference between our diesel fuel and other diesel fuel suppliers. Our diesel fuel will likely give your pickup truck, bus, or SUV increased power and fuel costs and better starts.

Quality Clear Diesel is Used for On-Road Vehicles

When your on-road diesel vehicle needs fueled up, purchase clear diesel from Skotek Oil Sales in Hazleton, PA. This fuel, which does not have any dyes in it, is used in vehicles that travel the roads of the eastern region of Pennsylvania like pickup trucks, commercial trucks and buses. If your off-road vehicles or machine needs diesel fuel, our dyed fuel is a perfect choice. We can provide you with quality on-road or off-road diesel at a fair price for your home or business.

Scheduled Diesel Delivery Will Prevent Delays

Skotek Oil Sales can deliver your on-road diesel fuel at regularly scheduled times to your residential, commercial, or industrial location without delays. Request automatic diesel delivery, and you will not have to worry about getting your next delivery. Whether you need diesel fuel delivery service for a year, months or weeks, Skotek Oil Sales can be depended on for reliable delivery. Our automatic delivery combines your past fuel delivery with state-of-the-art equipment and software that checks and predicts the fuel gauge level. We can ensure that your on-road private or commercial vehicle never runs out of fuel. Contact us today about our delivery program.