Sign Up for Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery is a Better Option for Homeowners

You might be wondering whether to sign up for automatic heating oil delivery or just ordering oil when you need it. Skotek Oil Sales recommends that customers sign up for automatic heating oil delivery. Automatic heating oil delivery is a much better option for homeowners in the Greater Hazleton area. You will never need to call us for a refill. Better yet, you won’t have to take time out of your busy day to make arrangements for a delivery. We know the last thing you want to think about is coordinating heating oil delivery.

At Skotek Oil Sales, we have many years of experience in providing automatic heating oil delivery for our customers. We want to pass along what the advantages are with setting up automatic heating oil delivery.

Convenience is the Primary Reason for Automatic Oil Delivery

Convenience is the number one reason for choosing to sign up for an automatic heating oil delivery plan. Customers will never have to call for a refill because Skotek Oil Sales has it handled. How do we know when you need delivery of heating oil? We have special software to estimate when you will need your next delivery. We keep track of the average temperature since your last delivery and your past usage to calculate how much you’re using. Our team also takes into account any recent colder days that have probably caused you to use more heat.

Will-Call Heating Oil Customers Have to Check Gauges Often

If you’re a will-call heating oil customer, you must pay close attention to your oil tank level. We advise will-call home heating oil customers to contact Skotek Oil Sales once their oil tank readings fall below a half. But, inevitably, people forget and go about their daily lives until one day they run out of oil. They have to keep checking to make sure they don’t run out and have to resort to an emergency call.

You may have the best intention with the will-call option. You either have to measure or check the fuel gauge often, or you have to time it just right. Usually when you run out of heating oil, it happens in the middle of winter. That time of year is the coldest and busiest time for all heating oil companies. This results in longer wait times.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery is More Economical Than Will-Call

Automatic heating oil delivery is more economical than will-call delivery. With automatic delivery, you take advantage of better heating oil prices. If you sign up for automatic heating oil delivery, you will save money. In these days of increased prices on many things, it’s always a good idea to save money whenever you can. You can also sign up for payment plans with automatic heating oil delivery.

Avoid the Headaches by Signing Up for Automatic Delivery

By signing up for automatic heating oil delivery, you are guarding against your family from experiencing a major headache. If you run out of oil on a cold day during the winter, you will have to call Skotek Oil Sales to make a delivery. We will get there as soon as possible. But you might experience a long wait, especially if we have to make many deliveries. You run into even more problems if you run out of heating oil on the weekend.

Automatic Delivery Extends the Life of Your Heating System

When you agree to an automatic heating oil delivery plan, this delivery method prolongs the life of your heating system. Automatic delivery ensures that you will never run out of oil or get to the oil at the bottom of the oil tank. No matter how good your heating is, all oil tanks have a small amount of sludge at the bottom. If your home runs out of oil, sludge could clog your heating equipment as the gunk circulates throughout the system.

Homeowners want to make sure their oil tank is always full of oil so that their heating equipment isn’t congested. Our software allows us to estimate your tank level and deliver your oil before gunk overcomes your oil tank. We don’t need to wait for a call from you because we know when to make the delivery.

Take Advantage of Budget Plans with Skotek Oil Sales

When you have automatic heating oil delivery, you can have a budget plan to help control your heating oil expenses. We set your payments as the same price and spread them out over 12 months instead of paying higher heating bills over a few months. Most prefer fixed, lower monthly budget plans because they work better for most financial situations. When we deliver the heating oil, you don’t have to immediately pay for it because we spread your payments out.

Our Delivery Drivers Will Find Your Home and Deliver Heating Oil

You can trust that our delivery drivers will arrive at your location and deliver the heating oil to your oil tank. All of our drivers are local and equipped with GPS. We deliver to the smallest towns and the largest cities in Luzerne, Schuylkill, and Carbon counties.

For more information on automatic heating oil delivery, give Skotek Oil Sales a call at (570) 929-2731 or follow us on Facebook. We will set you up with a plan and get you on our driver’s delivery route. Talk to our team today to learn more about automatic heating oil delivery.