Getting Ready for a Home Heating Oil Delivery

Help Skotek Oil Delivery Drivers Out Before They Arrive

Most homeowners probably don’t think about getting ready for a home heating oil delivery in the Greater Hazelton Area. Skotek Oil Sales provides timely fuel delivery to our residential customers. Our delivery drivers deliver heating oil to Luzerne County, Schuylkill County and Carbon County. They deliver all fuel to even the most remote locations of our service area, as well as to cities and suburbs. So, we will be happy to help evaluate your fuel options and provide you with service and a winter delivery schedule.

Our delivery drivers have some big obstacles to overcome in the winter when it comes to delivering heating oil. Sometimes, they have to get through heavy snow, ice, and even locked gates to make a delivery. Today, we’re looking at how homeowners can help our drivers by getting ready for a home heating oil delivery.

Make Sure Your House Number is Clearly Marked

First of all, it’s hard for delivery drivers to deliver home heating oil if they can’t locate your home. Our drivers have GPS devices in our trucks, but just to be sure, you should have your house number clearly marked. That way, our drivers don’t have to guess if they’re at the correct place. Winter weather and darkness can make home heating oil deliveries difficult sometimes.

If the house number is clearly marked, make sure there isn’t snow, shrubbery, or ornaments covering the number. You could even turn on a porch light or other exterior light help the driver out.

Shovel a Path in the Snow to Your Oil Tank or Pipe

One of the biggest obstacles for heating oil delivery drivers during the winter is snow. Skotek Oil Sales knows going outside and shoveling snow in cold temperatures isn’t what you want to be doing. But shoveling a path to your oil tank or fuel pipe ensures our driver has access to make the delivery. The driver has to drag a heavy fuel hose from the truck to the oil tank or pipe, so a path clear of snow helps immensely.

If the driver can make the delivery quickly, it will help other homeowners get their delivery in a timely manner. Also, please make sure to shovel or plow your driveway. If there is significant ice, scatter rock salt so the driver doesn’t slip and the truck doesn’t get stuck.

Clear the Heating Oil Delivery Path of Any Debris

In addition to snow and ice hampering a fuel oil delivery, debris can also cause problems during delivery. If there trash piled up in, around, or near the fueling location, it could be potentially dangerous for the driver. Other obstacles like downed trees, hornets’ nests, and construction debris could force the delivery driver to not make the delivery. If the driver does make the home heating oil delivery, debris will make it harder to complete the task.

Unlock the Fence Surrounding Your Home

If your home has a fence around it, or the oil tank or fill pipe is fenced in, our delivery driver will need access. You’ll have to make sure to unlock your gate, especially if nobody is home at the time of delivery. If any family members aren’t home to unlock the gate, ask a neighbor or a friend to unlock it. Our delivery drivers don’t climb locked fences, so we’ll have to return at another time to make a delivery.

Give the Delivery Driver Access to Your Driveway

Make sure the Skotek Oil Sales truck has clear access to your driveway. Some driveways have multiple vehicles in them. That could be a problem when we have to make a home heating oil delivery. If you know we’re making a delivery, move a vehicle or more so we can park in the driveway. It will also be easier for the driver to get to the oil tank or pipe to make the delivery.

Keep Your Dogs Away from the Delivery Driver

One of the last things that home heating oil delivery drivers want to deal with is outside dogs. If dogs are running free, or chained outside, there is a risk that they’ll impede, attack, or bite the driver. Please make sure the dog, or dogs, are in the home or safely chained up a respectable distance from the delivery path. If the delivery drivers feel threatened by the dog, we’ll ask you to keep the dog away while we deliver.

If there is a dog attack of a delivery driver, the homeowner is liable for any injuries and damages. So to keep the driver safe and you free of legal issues, prepare a safe place for the dogs. Better yet, just keep them inside your home during the scheduled delivery.

Indicate What Oil Fill Pipe Is In Use

In some older homes in the area, there may be more than one fill pipe for the home. Usually the second pipe is no longer in use and sealed off. Occasionally, the homeowner hasn’t sealed the pipe, or hasn’t clearly indicated which to use. When this happens, it creates confusion and stress for the delivery driver. If your old pipe isn’t clearly sealed, mark the current pipe. That way, the driver is certain to use the correct pipe.

Automatic Delivery is a Good Step in Getting Ready

When you have automatic delivery, it’s a good way to be getting ready for a home heating oil delivery. You’ll know when we’ll deliver. Skotek Oil Sales provides automatic fuel delivery along with state-of-the-art technology. That lets us know that your fuel is running low. When your oil supply is low, we will deliver the fuel to your home, business, or other location.

Give Skotek Oil Sales a call at (570) 929-2731 or follow us on Facebook. Talk to our team today to learn more about getting ready for a home heating oil delivery.