Fueling Enrollment, Price Caps, and Budget Plans

Control Your Fuel Costs with Skotek Oil Sales

Skotek Oil Sales offers quality fueling enrollment, price caps, and budget plans to our customers. When it comes to fueling your home or business, you need options to fit your budget and your needs. That’s we offer enrollment, price caps, and budget plans. These flexible options can help you to manage your fuel expenses and ensure that you always have the fuel that you need.



Offering a Variety of Great Fueling Enrollment Plans

Skotek Oil Sales offers enrollment plans that will allow you to lock in your fuel price for the entire heating season. You won’t have to worry about fluctuating fuel prices or unexpected increases. You can budget for your heating expenses with confidence. Our customers appreciate knowing that their fuel price is fixed for the entire season.



Price Caps Offer Great Flexibility for Your Budget

If you prefer a little more flexibility in your fuel pricing, Skotek Oil Sales also offers price cap plans. Our price cap plans allow you to take advantage of falling fuel prices. It also protects you from unexpected price increases. We will cap your fuel price at a certain level. If prices fall below that level, you’ll pay the lower price. If prices rise above the cap, you’ll still pay the capped price.



Offering Payment Solutions with Our Budget Plans

Are you someone that likes to spread out their fuel expenses over time? We offer a variety of budget plans. We will divide your estimated fuel expenses into equal monthly payments. You can prepare your fueling budget with ease. This option gets rid of large lump sum payments.



Choose Skotek Oil Sales for Fueling Enrollment, Price Caps, and Budget Plans

We have proudly served our customers in Luzerne, Schuylkill, and Carbon counties for more than 65 years. We are a family-owned business, providing quality customer service and fuel products. Let us give you reliable fuel service at a fair price.


For more information on fueling enrollment, price caps, and budget plans, give Skotek Oil Sales a call at (570) 929-2731. Follow us on Facebook for updates. We are happy to discuss fueling enrollment, price caps, and budget plans.